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    244 == Battery Voltage Reading ==
    245 The battery voltage rail (bat) cannot be measured until board power is turned off for two seconds or more. When power is off, the GSC monitors the battery voltage every 18 hours. When the board is fully powered on and booted into Linux, the battery voltage reading will be the last read voltage when the board was powered off. For always on applications where battery voltage needs to be accurate, it is suggested to have the GSC do a sleep for two seconds at a convenient time to get an updated battery voltage reading. See here: [#powercontrol powercontrol].
     244== Battery Voltage Reading
     245The battery voltage rail (vdd_bat) is only able to be measured when the GSC is actually powered off of the battery.
     247In some cases you can use the GSC to disable primary board power (referred to as 'GSC Sleep') for a few seconds in order to refresh the vdd_bat reading. In other cases some boards have a GSC_Backup regulator which powers the GSC from Vin even when the GSC has disabled the board's primary power to preserve the GSC battery life and those boards require the board's input power to be fully removed in order to read the GSC battery voltage.
     249Boards with a GSC Backup regulator which require board power to be fully removed to re-fresh the GSC battery voltage reading are:
     250 - All Newport product family boards: GW610x/GW620x/GW630x/GW640x
     251 - Ventana GW5224-D+
     253When a GSC is running from the GSC battery it re-freshes the battery voltage reading a second or so after it starts running off the battery (ie after board power is removed) as well as every 9 hours.
    1283 = Battery / Battery Replacement =
    1284 The coin cell battery used provides for approximately '''3.8 years''' of battery-backed powered-off shelf life (see [#battstorage below]). When primary board power is applied to the board (regardless of if the board is in 'sleep' mode) the battery source is not drained - this value is the worst-case life for an unpowered board.
    1286 == Battery Replacement ==
     1291= Battery / Battery Replacement
     1292The coin cell battery used provides power for the GSC to run while board power is removed (or in some cases when the GSC has removed the board's primary power via GSC sleep).
     1294The shelf life of the battery defines how long the GSC retains power and thus its settings such as the RTC when board power is removed and depends on the version of the GSC:
     1295 * GSCv3 (Newport): approximately 5.7 years
     1296 * GSCv1/GSCv2 (Ventana/Laguna): approximately 3.8 years
     1299== Battery Replacement
    12871300Battery Replacement Details:
    12881301 * A BR1225 coin cell battery is used.