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Generating / Compiling IPK

To add additional features, one can generate a package file that can then be added to an already running openwrt system.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Compile IPK file manually
  2. Turn on functions in make menuconfig and have them built automatically. (See this link here)

Option 1 is listed below:

To generate IPK Files, an example is listed here:

  1. Checkout the gateworks source code as explained on the wiki OpenWrt/building. Build the software.
  2. cd into the trunk directory.
  3. Type the following command, adjusting it depending on the needed package:
make package/feeds/packages/lighttpd/install -j8 V=99 && make package/index

Example output below:

rerbstoesser@softdev:/usr/src/rerbstoesser/builds/gateworks-openwrt-12-10/trunk$ make package/feeds/packages/lighttpd/install -j8 V=99 && make package/index
 make[1] package/feeds/packages/lighttpd/compile
 make[2] -C package/e2fsprogs compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/gettext compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libiconv compile
 make[2] -C package/libtool compile
 make[2] -C package/zlib compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libxml2 compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/pcre compile
 make[2] -C package/libreadline compile
 make[2] -C package/ncurses compile
 make[2] -C package/ncurses compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/sqlite3 compile
 make[2] -C package/ocf-crypto-headers compile
 make[2] -C package/openssl compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/net/lighttpd compile

  1. Find the ipk file located at a location such as:
rerbstoesser@softdev:/usr/src/rerbstoesser/builds/gateworks-openwrt-12-10/trunk$ ls bin/cns3xxx/packages/lighttpd_1.4.28-1_cns3xxx.ipk 

Install IPK File

Via Webgui

Once the ipk file is acquired:

  1. Place it on an accessible location on the same network as the Gateworks board
  2. Simply upload it via the OpenWRT webgui as pictured below (typically found at

Via command line

  1. Transfer ipk file to Gateworks board via utility such as wget
  2. Run command:
    opkg install example.ipk

where example.ipk is the ipk to be installed.

Other Notes

Please also reference the OpenWRT link:

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