Change History for venice/boot

Version Date Author Comment
12 4 days Tim Harvey move venice uboot to own page
11 9 months Tim Harvey more details about boot firmware location per SOC and boot device/partition
10 9 months Tim Harvey remove compressed disk images section - this is described in …
9 9 months Tim Harvey updated the FLASH MAP for boot firmware being placed on eMMC boot0 …
8 10 months Tim Harvey move U-Boot details to new page
7 12 months Tim Harvey updated boot firmware mapping for imx8mn/imx8mp
6 19 months Tim Harvey updated firmware image name
5 2 years Cale Collins fixed fw_env.config
4 3 years Ryan Erbstoesser add device tree info
3 3 years Bobby Jones fix broken link
2 3 years Tim Harvey added details about what is supported in U-Boot currently
1 4 years Tim Harvey initial page