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    1515Some components above you can update individually in Linux using {{{dd}}} or in U-Boot using {{{mmc write}}} taking care to place them at the right offset.
    17 = Pre-Built Firmware
    18 [wiki:venice/bsp#images Venice Pre-Built Firmware / Software]
    20 JTAG binary images:
    21  - Flash with Gateworks JTAG dongle on a Linux host with instructions [#jtag
    22  - Note there are several variants of the i.MX8M processor (mini (mm), nano (mn), plus(mp)) which is indicated in the filename.
    23  - firmware-venice-imx8mm.bin
    24                        - JTAG image of first 16MiB of Flash containing:
    25                          partition table SPL, U-Boot, ATF, DDR firmware,
    26                          device-trees and default U-Boot env.
    27                          Flash with JTAG if recovering a board from an
    28                          unknown state.
    29  - venice-imx8mm-u-boot_spl.bin
    30                        - JTAG image of SPL, U-Boot, ATF, DDR firmware and DTBs
    31                          (does not modify partition table or U-Boot env)
    32  - gsc_7000_v57.txt    - Latest GSC firmware release for GW7000 SoM used on all
    33                          GW7xxx product.
    35 Disk Images (Update via Bootloader gzwrite - contains boot firmware + OS):
    36  - see
    37  - focal-venice-imx8mm.img.gz - for IMX8M Mini
    38  - focal-venice-imx8mn.img.gz - for IMX8M Nano
     18= Pre-Built Images
     20Various Pre-built images can be found on including:
     21 * '''Compressed Disk Images''': (*.img.gz files) OS Images (everything but boot firmware)
     22  - [ jammy-venice.img.gz] - Gateworks Ubuntu based OS details are available [wiki:venice/ubuntu here]
     23  - [ openwrt-23.03-venice.img.gz] - Gateworks OpenWrt OS details are available [wiki:OpenWrt here]
     24  * '''[#disk-images Install compressed disk images via U-Boot or Linux using instructions here]'''
     25 * '''Gateworks System Controller Firmware''': (board specific gsc*.txt files)
     26  - [ gsc_7000.txt] - for boards with a GW700x IMX8MM SOM module
     27  - [ gsc_7020.txt] - for boards with a GW702x IMX8MP SOM module
     28  - [ gsc_7400.txt] - for GW74xx IMX8MP boards
     29  * '''[wiki:gsc#firmware Install GSC firmware via JTAG or Linux via instructions here]'''
     30 * '''Boot Firmware''': (SOC specific) Everything up to the OS (SPL, ATF, U-Boot, U-Boot env)
     31  - For updating via U-Boot or Linux or booting via SDP (does not contain U-Boot env)
     32   * [ venice-imx8mm-flash.bin] - for IMX8MM SOC
     33   * [ venice-imx8mp-flash.bin] - for IMX8MP SOC
     34   - '''[#boot-firmware For updating via U-Boot or Linux see here]'''
     35   - '''[wiki:venice/SDP For booting over USB via the SDP protocol (helpful during bootloader development or customization) see here]'''
     36  - For updating via JTAG:
     37   * [ firmware-venice-imx8mm.bin] - for IMX8MM SOC
     38   * [ firmware-venice-imx8mp.bin] - for IMX8MP SOC
     39   - '''[wiki:jtag_instructions for details For JTAG programming instructions see here]'''
     40 * '''Venice Kernel Tarball''' useful for installing on top of root filesystem manually
     41  * [ linux-venice.tar.xz] - Compressed TAR archive of pre-built Linux kernel
     43Gateworks System Controller files are 'board specific' meaning the file used depends on the baseboard or SOM model. Boot firmware images are 'SOC specific' meaning there is a specific one to match the SOC on your board - IMX8M Mini (imx8mm) vs IMX8M Nano (imx8mn) vs IMX8M Plus (imx8mp). Compressed Disk Images are written to the eMMC user partition which contains a disk partition table and the various OS partitions (assuming the boot firmware is booting from emmc boot0 or boot1 hardware partition).
    170177==== Updating just the boot firmware
    171178Updating the [wiki:venice/boot 'Boot firmware'] via this method includes the SPL, U-Boot, the device-tree, and the ATF. The method here specifically does not update the disk partition table at the beginning of the boot device as that really has nothing to do with the boot firmware. This method also does not destroy any current U-Boot environment.