Gateworks Venice Family Ordering Options

The following is an explanation of how the part numbers are constructed for Venice board versions that use SOMs. For other options, contact the factory for a customer specific special. Note customer specials require a minimum 100 piece build size.

Development kits include a standard board or a max board depending on which version you order.

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Part Numbering Scheme for Venice Boards with SOMs

Gateworks Venice part numbers use the following scheme:

A standard Venice part number would be something like this: GW7300-00

The first part of the number, GW7300, refers to the baseboard which contains all the peripherals.

For example, a GW7300 is a standard baseboard and a GW7301 is a baseboard with maximum peripherals (GPS, onboard WiFi/BLE chip, etc.).

The last two digits after the hyphen refers to the SOM version and what is loaded for the CPU+DRAM+Flash.

Part numbers ending in:

  • GW7xxx-00 = Standard memory and flash
  • GW7xxx-01 = Maximum board configuration increase flash memory to 64GB + increase DDR Memory to Max (4GB, depending)

These are simply guidelines.

Please consult each specific model below for verification.


The revision of the SOM and baseboard are tracked separately and are the last 2 letter digits in the full part number.

For example, a GW7300-00-E1F:

  • E.1 is the revision of the base board, the GW7300
    • dot level revisions exist for BOM changes only and not a PCB change
  • F is the revision of the SOM

SBC Revisions are described here: sbcrevisions

Development Kits

Gateworks offers two options for all Venice Development Kits, a min kit and a max kit. See below for example:

GW11049-1 Dev Kit = Includes GW7300-00 = Min Board and Min SOM with 1GB DDR Memory + 8GB Flash

GW11049-2 Dev Kit = Includes GW7301-01 Max Board and Max SOM with 4GB DDR Memory + 64GB Flash + GPS + WiFi/BLE

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