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This wiki site has been created to provide general software support for the Gateworks Product Families of ARM Single Board Computers (SBC) and Network Processor Boards.
For data sheets and specifications of products please see  The Gateworks Website

Quick Links for Board Specific Info and Pre-Built Binary Images

You can find links to source code along with Pre-Built Binary images that can be programmed onto the board under each family.

Ventana Family

Laguna Family

Cambria Family
Avila Family

Rincon Family

Mailing Lists

Gateworks has setup two mailing lists to provide customers with timely information on software updates and general product announcements. We recommend all customers join the lists to have access to the latest information and updates. To subscribe see the following link:  Developer Mail Lists

Contact & Support

Additional support is provided through the Gateworks general support email at: support@…. For sales information contact sales at: sales@…. Gateworks prides itself in support. Gateworks is a hardware company using open source software pre-loaded and supported on it's boards. Extra features are something Gateworks may not have tested. We highly encourage everyone to use the support from the open source community built around the BSP they choose

Gateworks SBC


Board Support Package (BSP)

Gateworks offers the following BSP:

  1. OpenWrt - Networking focused
  2. OpenEmbedded (Ventana only) - Video / Audio focused
  3. Android- (Ventana only) - Video Audio, Apps
  4. Ubuntu - (Ventana only)
  5. Many others. The board is open source, thus any developer can load whatever they choose onto the board within their knowledge. (StarOS, Valemount)

Accessories: Wireless Wifi 3G Cellular GPS etc

Wireless Configurations


Mesh Networking


Video / Audio Support

Note: Most Video / Audio support is for the Ventana Product Family

Wiki Editing

Feel Free to register for wiki editing access in order to add/modify these pages. The registration can be found at the top of the page. Gateworks will continue to update the pages as time goes on, however user contribution will expediate the process.