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Gateworks uses OpenWrt for the Board Support Package for all of its products. This allows easy transitions between products and allows users/developers to become familiar with different/new Gateworks products quickly. We will not try to document the available commands/options about OpenWrt here as there are very good tutorials on how to do this available on OpenWrt's Website at

Gateworks has been active in pushing up support in the way of patches to the OpenWrt community with the goal of OpenWrt always supporting the latest Gateworks products. As this process can take time in an environment where OpenWrt is always changing and evolving, our BSP contains a tool which downloads a snapshot of OpenWrt at a point in time and patches it for changes that are not yet pushed upstream.

Gateworks also provides an OpenWrt 'package feed' containing software packages pertaining to the Gateworks boards which are maintained by Gateworks. This package feed is available here and is enabled when building OpenWrt with the Gateworks patchset described here.

This information has been tested and created for use on the Gateworks Single Board Computers (SBCs).

Gateworks SBCs can be viewed at the following link:

For OpenWrt specific information (pre-built software, instructions, etc) on Gateworks different SBC Families, please visit the following links:

Gateworks OpenWrt

We currently offer several "branches" of the OpenWrt BSP. For a list of these branches + the differences in them, please visit this page. For other information, please see the following links:

OpenWrt SDK / Compiler


Fun OpenWrt Tutorials

If you need to customize the linux kernel or filesystem to add/remove packages the links above will also guide you through obtaining our opensource patches and tools to build OpenWrt with the latest gateworks packages.

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