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This wiki site has been created to provide general hardware and software support for the Gateworks Product Families of ARM Single Board Computers (SBC) and Network Processor Boards.
For data sheets and specifications of products please see The Gateworks Website

Board Families

You can find links to source code along with Pre-Built Binary images / software that can be programmed onto the board under each family.

How to Use this Wiki

The Gateworks Software Wiki has a large amount of very helpful information for users of the Gateworks Single Board Computers.

Please narrow down the information by Product Family (Click product family in table above) or by Operating System (see the Software link Icon above)

There are also many pages related to the Gateworks SBC Hardware, please view all generic links below.

Because the Wiki is so large, please use the search box in the upper right hand corner of this page. Also, please use site Index (Index link in upper right corner) to see all pages. You can also use Google to search our page with an example query like so: yoursearchterm

Gateworks uses Open Source software which has the source code available to the public. Gateworks encourages users to utilize the Open Source community related to the operating system they choose.

And lastly, for information that cannot be found, please email as at support@… and Gateworks will do it's best to answer any question!

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Mailing Lists

Gateworks has setup two mailing lists to provide customers with timely information on software updates and general product announcements. We recommend all customers join the lists to have access to the latest information and updates. To subscribe see the following link: Developer Mail Lists


Be sure to subscribe for email alerts for new posts to the Gateworks Blog for important updates, projects, tutorials and more!


See all of our source code commits!

Product Change Notification

Gateworks provides a Product Change Notification (PCN) to communicate any changes in hardware to it's customers. PCN Wiki Page

Contact & Support

Additional support is provided through the Gateworks general support email at: support@…. For sales information contact sales at: sales@…. Gateworks prides itself in support. Gateworks is a hardware company using open source software pre-loaded and supported on it's boards. Extra features are something Gateworks may not have tested. We highly encourage everyone to use the support from the open source community built around the BSP they choose

Gateworks SBC


Board Support Package (BSP)

Gateworks offers the following Board Support Packages (BSPs). Please click the BSP link for tutorials and setup instructions related to that BSP:

Peripherals: Wireless, GPS, etc

Wireless Configurations


Mesh Networking


Video / Audio Support

Note: Most Video / Audio support is for the Ventana Product Family

See more on the Ventana Page

Expansion Modules

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